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Just 4 Kids is a ministry outreach of Conservative Holiness Broadcasting dedicated to spreading the Holiness message to our children and youth.  We strive to maintain this Holiness message through quality programming that includes stories and songs that are based on Scriptural values, with a few jokes and riddles thrown in for good measure. By utilizing the resources found in this web page, we seek to engage the minds of younger listeners around the globe to think on things that are honest, pure and of good report.   So, explore, listen, and leave a joke or two or any comments you may have about our broadcast or web page.  We would love to hear from you.  And as always, be a follower of Jesus!

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You’re one of a kind and your special day is worth celebrating!  Sign up for our “Bee” day club to receive a special greeting from C.H. Bee in the mail, plus have your “bee” day recognized on air!  

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